I’m Hannah, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and an advocate for Integrative and Functional Nutrition.

You are going to love my simple approach to nutrition. I focus on eating real food to improve satisfaction and fuel your body to your desired goals.
We are all unique and our roadblock to health is much deeper than calories in, calories out. My approach is simple and sustainable and will bring long lasting results.

I want to help you find freedom in whole foods. I want to bring energy into your life and help you stop restricting! Learn more about what I recommend for healthy and sustainable weight loss here.

My interests:

  • My first love is Jesus. I became a Christian when I was in 1st grade. I remember crying in Sunday school over how much love I felt from my Father as a 6 year old! I hope to spread His Name wherever I go!
  • I’m married to a wonderful man. We got married in college and have loved every second of it! He is graduating in December of 2017 with a major in secondary education.
  • I love eating real, whole foods. (Quality over quantity!)
  • My favorite food is almond butter. I can’t get enough and always have at least a few jars in the cupboard.
  • For exercise, I typically do interval (HIIT) or strength training 2-3 times per week and incorporate yoga at least once per week. I find this to be much easier than slaving away at the gym 5 days a week. I have improved flexibility, strength and endurance since beginning this routine!
  • I have stopped running as my main form of exercise. I thought I would feel terrible, but I don’t miss it. I feel that I get the same effect from interval training for a shorter amount of time (double bonus!) I do not work out every day and I don’t believe that the number of steps you get per day = how healthy you are.
  • My favorite days are rainy days.
  • I am a good listener. I love helping people wherever they are at and encouraging them.
  • I believe life is a process. Living a healthy lifestyle is not about perfection, but is about progress!

Visit my Instagram where I can encourage you in your journey:



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